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Tank Full Of Gas (Multiple), Chapter Nineteen, Part 4: Crater Lake

As our vacation progressed, I appreciated that each of our days’ drives became shorter and shorter. In the beginning of the trip, it was good to feel the miles slip under the wheels. It felt like we were actually traveling. Driving in the desert, or anywhere, is different than getting on a plane and just […]

Tank Full Of Gas (Multiple), Chapter Nineteen, Part 3: Goose Lake

The Tuesday morning following Labor Day, we bid a fond adieu to The Stroms, The Elko Division. Ahead of us, was a 350 mile drive, and Google said it would take 7 hours. Seven hours! Has Google even SEEN these roads? Do they know you can go 153 miles per hour out there in the […]

Anyone Know What This Is?

Seriously.  We passed by at least two of these structures in the desert. Our paranoid, conspiracy-addled brains ran away with wild fantasies about what these might be. They where in some of the most remote places we had ever seen. Could they be missile towers? They were right by the side of the road, and […]

Tank Full Of Gas (Multiple), Chapter Nineteen: Elko, NV Part 1

We decided a while ago that we were going to rent a car for this trip. It was our ambition to drive to Elko in a day, and for that, I figured I would want to take a couple breaks and let Dave drive once in a while. As it turns out, I was not […]

Thank You

These are the Stroms, The Elko Division. Andy, Steve, Dori and Nick. Nick is SUPER excited to be hanging out in the woods with his family. We have packed a redonkulous amount of fun into 48 hours. Our vacation already feels like it’s been a week long. Here’s Dave and his nephews. Thanks, guys!